Amateur MILF

Amateur MILF


I have done all I can over the past 22yrs of my life to make sure that my best friend, who also happens to be my sexy wife, knows how much I love and care for her. I do my best to make sure that she knows that I think she is the hottest person I have ever known, how I think about her body everyday, and that she is still the one I desire. That is important, right ladies? She lets you know that I have done a great job. Yet I found resistence in the past when it came to posting any pics of her......until now. She has always aloud me to take pics, just for private eyes only.

She is a sun goddess and loves the water and laying out. It is something that she does on a regular basis on the weekends to unwind and relax. Just a normal thing for her. We have a crusie coming up, and she wanted to get some sun this past weekend. We knew about the chance for rain, but with the temps in the 100's, we felt she would have time. She did get the cance to catch some rays for awhile, then the rains came. Started off as a sprinkle, which actually felt great, then it got quite a bit harder and the laying out was over. At this point, as the rain is coming down in sheets, so I ask her to let me take a couple of pics. Always willing, she agreed. I then dared her to stand topless near the down spout that was flowing fast as hell. She did so with a little hesitance as the water was very cold, and then she went in. I was able to get a great shot of her tits. So great, even she thought it was hot! Next, dare....let me post it. Dare accepted, so here it is, along with a couple of favs.

I realize by reading some of the postings and stories, that this site could, by some of us, be used as the ultimate expression of love and pride. And that is how I feel. For 22yrs I have had the love of a woman that I feel is extremely sexy, very curvy, and soooooo hot. Let us know what you think.

please be kind with your feedback, as we are very nervous, yet anxious for your responses.

MY_T_and_A @

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