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I am twenty-two and just recently got married to my boyfriend of four years. We just graduated last spring. We met in college, and he's kind of a typical frat boy. He already has a great job making really good money. I am from a very well-off family. In fact, my parents had a debutante party for me. I have short blonde hair, and guys love my body. I work out and have a six-pack stomach.

I get hit on a lot if my fiance-now-husband is not with me. I did something really wild, though, a week before my wedding. Several sorority sisters threw a bachelorette party for me on a Friday night. We went to an all-male review club and got drunk and crazy. I really got horny from all of the lap dances they kept getting me. My two best friends and I were staying at one of their parents' lake cabin. It was a small house with a pool. It was very secluded, and my fiancı and my friends' boyfriends would not be in town for three more days.

We'd had a few good parties there before and would often lay out nude at the pool. The next day, my two friends and I went to the mall shopping. We've been very close since our freshmen year, and we tell each other everything including our fantasies. We had already talked about our fantasies about having sex with some hot-bodied, good-looking, black guys, but we had never done that. We ran into three really nice looking black guys at the mall. They were about two or three years younger than us, but we ended up talking to them and flirting for quite a while. We told them that we'd be sunning that afternoon and that we had a lot of beer and other stuff to drink back at the cabin. We suggested that they come out to see us. I even told them to bring friends. They said they would come over. We went back and put on thong bikinis, made daiquiris, and started sunning.

We were all talking about how horny we were and how we couldn't believe that we had invited them over. I suggested we take off our tops and answer the door topless when they got there. So, we did! When the bell rang, all three of us went to the front door with just thong bottoms on. We were really surprised because the guys had brought friends. There were six of them. We all went out to the pool and drank for a while. We were getting drunk and everyone was acting crazy and horny. We ended up dancing by the pool and tossing each other in. The guys then took their clothes off. They looked great with very hard muscular bodies and really big penises. I started grinding on the two guys who were dancing with me. One just pulled my thong off and threw it up on the roof. We were all laughing really hard.

Then my friends took theirs off and threw them up on the roof, too. The two guys I ended up with took me inside. We all started to kiss right there on the den floor. I was hornier than I'd ever been. They ended up doing me in all kinds of wild positions and tag-teaming me. One of my friends was just across the room having sex with two of the guys, and I could hear my other friend in the bedroom that was next to the den going at it with her two guys. The guys stayed for quite a while until the early morning hours. We ended up changing guys for sex until we each had been with all six. I can't believe that we did that, but we all said we had no regrets. It was the best sex I've ever had. In fact, every time I go to that mall, I keep looking for any of those guys.

P.S. Attatched is a pic my sisters made me put up here while I was at the sorority house in the common bathroom.




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