Wild Chick

Short Skirt No Panties

Short Skirt No Panties


We have been avidly reading so many dares in this website and finally decided to start sharing some of our own stories.... We have been married for 15 years and have been expanding our sexual adventures all the way from very conservative to some very hot encounters. Things started really heating up 2 years ago when I went on a business trip to Europe by myself. My husband had been pushing me to explore my boundaries and go wild since I got married very young and had always been only with him. I am very shy and reserved so it has taking a while to open up....but during that trip I was one of the few women among a lot of guys and was hanging out with a group of guys from Mexico that showed me around. The last night my husband dared me to go out with them wearing this white skirt with no panties....I was beyond mortified by exhilarated....here is what I looked like as I strolled through the old european streets escorted by 5 mexican guys...needless to say they were in shock to see me dressed like that ...

I wanted to start sharing some of our stories because I would love to hear comments and get some more dares as well!

We have done quite a few more exiting dares since that trip in 2010...we will continue sharing...

Wildchickabroad and Hot Hubby - wildchickabroad @ hotmail.com

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