Hotel Window

Hotel Window Dare Game (first to 100 PTS)

This one requires people to be HONEST about the points they've earned, but let's see who can get to 100 PTS first. Let's set the scene:

Need: 2 people (1 female, other doesn't matter), car, hotel room, digital video or picture camera, cell phone. Dare to be completed during hours of darkness (lights on).

Room: Get the right room. First floor, facing a parking lot that has some foot traffic possible past the window. Park car in front of window, or where you can get a good view inside the room from outside with the camera. Getting the right room and parking place will be harder than you think, but the perfect position can be found.

Challenge: Place cell phone on window ledge with window slightly open so the ring can be heard outside. Female waits in the bathroom (shower) or on bed. Other person waits in vehicle with camera. When other person observes walkers (that would NOT be offended) (i.e. Guys (over the age 18)) the other person calls cell phone. Female answers phone, and caller can either give instructions, or female can have it planned, but the goal is to accumulate 100 PTS. The "viewers" have to be watching to gain points. Point structure is open to discussion, but here's an idea:

She's topless 10 PTS (must be visible to camera)
She's bottomless 10 PTS (must be visible to camera)
For every minute the "observers" watch what she's doing 1 PT
Rubs her tit (minimum 5 seconds) 3 PTS (must be visible to camera)
Rubs her pussy (minimum 5 seconds) 5 PTS (must be visible to camera)
Massages her clit (minimum 10 seconds) 10 PTS (must be visible to camera)
Uses a vibrator (minimum 30 seconds) 20 PTS (must be visible to camera)
Lays on the bed spread eagle (minimum 30 seconds) 10 PTS (must be visible to camera)
One of the "viewers" starts whacking the carrot 30 PTS
Winks at the guys when she's done and closes the shades 5 PTS (must be...)
Remaining ideas to gain more points except for minutes up for suggestions.

Pictures of all points (except for time) must be submitted. First person to 100 PTS wins, but can be trumped by someone else that has more clear/closer pictures. QUALITY MATTERS!




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