Mall - Panties

1- A Stroll in the Mall : Go down to your local shopping mall wearing a very short skirt. Once inside go to the very end of the mall and remove your panties and hide them someplace in the mall. You may not keep them on your person or hand them to someone you know. Now you can either walk around the mall or shop but your route must take you to the other end of the mall before you can return to reclaim your panties from their hiding place. Now you must put them back on before leaving the mall but you may not go to the ladies room to do it. Write in and tell us about your adventure.

2- Panty hide and go Seek - This dare requires two or more friends to complete. Each participant must wear a short skirt for this dare. As a group you need to head down to your local shopping mall or plan on meeting there. Once gathered together each person must remove their panties and hand them to one of the other participants so no one is holding their own panties. This accomplished split up and look for someplace to hide the panties you’re holding. You may not hide them in a store, outside the mall, or in a side hall. Only in the main walking area and courtyards, then meet back up. Once you are all together again the game is afoot. You must find you own panties before your friends find theirs. Once found call the others and meet up again. The winner now may give the losers a dare as her reward. Write in and tell us about your adventure.



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