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Being embarassed is a turn on for me. I don't know why, but I do like people to catch me in the nude. One memory that I have is of my honeymoon. We were in the hot tub behind the cabin we stayed in. Nude. The people in the next cabin were watching the whole time and then started to yell over to us. Some of the comments were embarassing, but it was a turn on.

Some of the pictures i have were taken in a park in the middle of the day. we were in a small clearing off a path in the woods. after taking the pictures we decided to have sex and as we were going at it, a guy walking his dog came around the bend in the path and we had to try to cover up in a hurry, but i think my ass was still uncovered. he looked and just chuckled and kept walking

This will come as a shock, I'm sure! I, too, am turned on by being embarrassed. For me, humiliation is just an extreme form of embarrassment. I crave it!

There is also a feeling of vulnerability that comes from being naked where you're not supposed to be naked. Quick flashes don't do too much for me. I love the situations where I'm a long way from my clothes and know that whatever happens to me, I'm not going to be able to get dressed.

I went to a 4-day retreat for people into BDSM a few years back on a ranch in the Poconos. The ad for it said nudity was permitted at all times and even suggested you bring your subby with nothing but a toothbrush. Surprisingly, hardly anyone followed this advice. There was this one couple, though, that did. A domme and her male subby were in the cabin next to ours and he did not wear a stitch the entire 4 days! For the first 2 days, at meals, in a room with over 100 people plus the staff, this lucky guy was the only one naked! I was jealous of him!

They haven't repeated that event, but if they do, I'll go there in just a dress and take it off before check-in. I'll ask the desk clerk to hold the dress for me until check out and spend the every minute nude!



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