I was home alone recently and thougt I would surprise the wife by painting our bedroom. I started moving things around knocked over a wicker storage box. I never knew it had about a 2 inch lip on it under neath, attached to it was a plastic envelop like you used to have for pencils in school. I pulled it off and inside were letters from a girlfriend she goes away with. A bunch of the girls go away twice per year. Earlier this year they went to New York. I read some of the letters and was hocked to read that they had drunken PJ parties resulting in all of them getting naked and having a masturbation party, from the sounds of it this is something they look forward to.

The last letter was of the recent NY trip in which this other woman was talking about how great it was to have sex with another woman, MY WIFE! She went on to say she liked how they drew names and she wound up with my wife and how great my wife licks, etc etc. She said she can't wait for the next trip or get together. Then she says she was concerned that the pictures which were taken that night and at the night club they went to might end up on the internet. She said she had a great time dancing with my wife and kissing in front of everyone but she noticed these guys taking pictures, it seems they were flashing and feeling each other up.

I am shocked. But hard. I put it all back and started searching around but couldnt find anything else. My wife had the pictures of the trip developed but I was only shown 4 pictures and she said that is all there were but she has another roll sitting there which she wont develop. I haven't approached her about this. She is great with sex, we have some form of sex 4 times a week or more. she usually tells me stories of having another woman go down on her. I have been searching the internet but can't find anywhere any sites that are voyeuristic and post normal people in public settings. I am going to let this go and follow along with the letters. I also think she has a hotmail address but I can't figure out how to find it out. I check the files in windows explorer and do find soemthing that says passport sign in. I am hard and now have to go cumm thinking of my wife being eaten.



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