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Hi my name is Steph. I am a suburban mom and married housewife who loves sex and is just starting out flashing and doing dares. I got into this kind of on a bet. Well, really a dare. A friend of mine from work flirts with me every day. We both know donít want it to go anywhere, but he found out I was looking for some spice to liven up my bedroom. My husband is the conservative type and is not into anything beyond the missionary position. I have tried to get him to explore a little, but he says it is kinky and makes him feel dirty. Seeking an outlet, but not wanting to cheat on my husband, I started talking to my friend from work about the possibility of doing some simple dares. He was more then happy to take me up on my offer. I made it clear, it is only about the dares. I told him all I want to do is get hot and go home to my husband. He said he had no problem with that and looked forward to taking me to task over the weeks to come.

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Dare One: Naked In The Office - **See 2 pics below - My first dare was to strip right there in the office. I think he was really wanting to test how far I would go. I agreed that I would as long as he kept his hands off. He agreed, but had the idea to take pictures with the companyís digital camera so that I would have some way to see myself doing the dare, and remember the event. He assured me he wouldnít keep a copy of the pictures. Stripping for my husband is embarrassing enough. At my age, my body is not what it once was. I normally like to undress with the lights off. I know my husband has seen me naked many times, but it still makes me feel better to undress in the dark.

Being asked to undress in the office, in the light of day, and worse yet in front of some one who would be seeing me naked for the first time made me very nervous. My husband had seen me in my prime, but my friend would see me as I am. I almost wanted to back out of the dare. Mustering as much courage as I could I started to undress. I was painful. I could feel his eyes upon me. Each item of clothing I removed felt like a layer of skin. I just knew he could see strait into my soul and read all my dirty thoughts. The slow stripping was turning me on. I could feel my body start to respond to the stimulus of being seen increasingly naked. This was going to be one hell of an experience and I was only just out of my dress. I still had my bra and panties on. Standing there in my underwear was embarrassing enough. I donít normally let people see me in that state of dress. I had my boring white bra and white cotton panties on. I know I didnít look like much of a sex pot at that point. My friend to his credit didnít let on if the sight of my body bothered him, or even turned him on. I think that made it all worse.

Unsnapping my bra and letting it fall away was almost more then I could stand. I let it fall away and gave my pal a good look at my tits. And by a good look I mean a nice long look, with a little shake to spice it up. He laughed a nervous laugh. I could tell the situation was finally getting to him too. I donít think he ever believed I would go this far. I must say, I couldnít believe it myself. It was like a snowball rolling down hill. I was picking up speed. There was no turning back. Next, down came my panties. Teasing him climbed onto a chair and showed him a nice view of my ass and pussy. That is the first time I noticed the flash of the camera. I canít say I was smiling. I mean, it was a picture of my ass and pussy. I donít think you can call that a smile, but I do know I couldnít wait to see it. The next shot was of me on all fours in front of a mirrored door on our supply closet. I felt like a model looking into the mirror naked like that. The picture was sure to be a good one. And I was sure no one would ever see it. Guess I was wrong about that. Since I have posted it online. I had to the experience was too much for me to keep to myself. I had to share it with someone. I know my family, friends, and especially my husband would not understand. So, you lucky reader are it. You are the ones who are letting me get this off my chestÖ much like I did all the clothes I had covering it. LOL I got dressed after that, but I knew even then it would not be the last time I was doing a dare for my friend. DARE 2 AND DARE 3.

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Dare 4: Hitchhike Naked - The final dare was to hitchhike naked. At first I said I would not do this dare. I mean, in the 3 pervious dares I was not seen. This dare would almost guarantee that some one besides my friend would catch me naked. I mean, my friend seeing my body in the buff, is one thing. Being seen naked by a total stranger, or worse yet some one I might know, might just be more then I could stand.

Heading to the location we had agreed upon to do the dare I tried to talk my way out of it. I couldnít and before I could yell ďTaxi!Ē I was bare butt naked on the side of the road. My friend was ducked down in the front seat of my car as I stood just outside the car more and more naked as my clothes came off. Naked with my thumb out was like setting myself on fire. I watched as my friend snapped shot after shot of me. I was even posing. What was happening to me? I am a mother, not some kind of sex kitten. How could I have let myself get to this point? How could I have let it go this far? Could I stop before it was too late? Those questions and more would have to wait. Just as I was about to get back in the car and beg my friend to drive me home or fuck me a car cam down the country road. There I am naked my ass sticking out of the car window talking to my friend. I didnít see the car, but I heard it for sure.

They started honking and even yelled some comments. I blushed knowing they just saw my assÖ and maybe the side of my tits. My friend started to laugh his ass off. Before I could get in the car I head the second car coming. And when they saw me they let me know it. They started honking and hooting. I blushed like hell. At first I tried to cover my tits, pussy, and face all at once, but failed. My ass at least was pressed against the car. I knew they each got a good show. And now a total of 5 people besides my husband had got a live view of my naked form. I was more then ready for the return home. How I managed to keep my self under control that long is beyond me. I know I was horny as hell. That night, I taught my husband why it is good to try other positions besides missionary. He was finally able to make my cum with out first doing oral. I rode him for once and drove myself to the first orgasm in minutes. Feeling good about himself after that he was able to take me to another while trying me from behind. A position I have come to love, and I believe so has he.

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