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Nude Pregnant Women

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It has been the case that many guys saw pregnant women as unattractive but I find (along with more and more people) that pregnant women are indeed beautiful. Not just pretty but really erotic and sexy women who are still sexual beings. Seeing an engorged belly on a nude pregnant woman is a real turn-on for meny. Here are some submitted pregant pics without text. The text below is from comments sent in without pics.

nude preganant

naked preganant women


I think it is probably more of a turn on than a turn off for men to see nude pregnant women. While I was not a swinger in any of my three pregnancies, the father was extremely fascinated by lactation. I never breast fed any of my children but did have problems getting the milk to dry up and the hubby was more than willing to help reduce the swelling breasts. Some of the guys I dated in between marriages expressed how erotic that would be and I've read several articles and even posts on message boards that state that it is a fantasy for some men.

nude preganant women


My husband and I started going to a sex club last October and I was 8 weeks pregnant. I must have had pregnant sex with about half a dozen guys and girls. We continued to go until March because my now 6 month old decided to arrive early. We have a wonderful sex life between us and with others and when we talk about the things that we wanted to do after the baby was born, that thought alone got both of us very horny. You can still go to parties and have a good time dancing and getting to know people and then proceed to have great sex with your man or men!



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