My wife and I were at a nice Beach motel a few years ago, after spending the day in the Sun. We had escaped from our 4 kids and were having a great weekend. My wife is gorgeous. We had had a few pints before coming back to the room, and we went back to have some more before going out for the night.

She was in the hotel's terry cloth robe and I was nude. She called the front desk because we didn't have an opener. As soon as she hung up the phone, we began kissing and I untied her robe so it hung open, and she was nude underneath.

I dared her to answer the door without tieing it back up. You couldn't see her chest this way, but her neatly trimmed pussy was in plain view. I could tell she instantly got nervous when I gave her the challenge, but she still kept making out with me. I stood near the door so I could see her, but not the delivery guy.

When the knock on the door came, she took a deep breath and pushed me away. She stood up tall and did not hide behind the door. She opened the door, had an embarassed but friendly smile on her face. She took the opener, said thanks, but then realized that she didn't have a tip to give him.

She told the guy to wait just a second, and then she walked across the room to her purse. He couldn't see much as she walked away from him, but didn't she just give him a great look as she sauntered back to the door. She was gaining confidence with every step, cuz she could see out of the corner of her eye that I was beaming.

When she handed the tip to him, his only response was "have fun". She smiled, said nothing, and closed the door. Then she turned to me and sexually assaulted me! She was so turned on, it was crazy sex. I have dared her to do that again, and sometimes she does, but it has never been as crazy as that time by the beach.....

Meg & Paul




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