Naked Dares - Level 4

This level of naked dares has members almost all out in public places. The dares are tough and not for the timid. Many of the girls here on this level will be fully nude and take big risks that may get them caught by observers... Check out the Naked Dares Home Page for the other levels. Enjoy the pics below!

Boob Flashing
Here is Josie in the car with her boobs out flashing as she drives by. The chances of people seeing her is moderate and since she is only topless she starts this level off.


Leanne In The Bush
Leanne went next and posed for the camera fully nude out in the open country. It is still pretty daring but not the highest on the 'dare scale' at this level since the chances of her being caught before covering up are small.

Girls and Games

Maria Tanning Nude
Maria's dare is similar to Leanne's but ranks higher because she is not covered up with bushes and is stationary on the ground.


Dakota In Nature
Hot Dakota is next on the list of dares going fully naked in front of a public sign. That is a hot picture!


Nude at the Lighthouse
Continuing on the theme of being fully nude in nature Malika is next as she is fully nude on the beach with a'few' people within view.


Kim's Butt Flash
Kim is next. She isn't showing much in terms of skin but because she is in a VERY public and 'close' area with lots of people close to her again it ranks higher than the others. The chances of being caught are pretty good.


Gwen's Ass
Gwen's dare was similar to Kim's above. She was outdoors in a public area with other people in the shot.


Heather is seen in this next pic wearing nothing but her georgeous tanlines. She supposedly stayed naked on her balcony all day long with a couple of friends. Someone MUST have seen that naked body! Corrina Naked
back into Nature we go and Corrina takes the next dare by giving us a fully nude close-up picture of herself enjoying the outdoors with others in an obviously public area where other could surely see.


Stacy Nude
Stacy's naked dare is like Corrina's but hers ranks a bit higher because she is again fully nude but on a well used public trail where people are sure to see her. She has only her panties to cover up if someone comes.


Dierdre Nude In Public        Dierdre's Lovely Ass
Dierdre sends in 2 fantastic pics of her fully naked in a public park with no clothes to cover herself up with! Does it get any better than this!


Margaret In The Car Naked
Margaret sent us an older picture of herself doing a naked dare which of of course accepted since we have seen other pics of her before on the group. Here she is DRIVING NAKED without a stitch of clothing on! Chances of being seen by someone in a truck, at a stop light?? Awesome!

belinda Outside
Belinda takes the naked dare and pushes it further than most have. Although she is not naked she is outside her OWN HOUSE in her panties and bra. She is a good distance away from the house, in good enough daylight for people she KNOWS to see her. Smoking Hot!


Naked On The Bridge
MaryJo is the winner of the "Progressive Naked Dare" contest! She is seen relaxing on a freeway bridge bottomless with perhaps 6 cars seeing her naked butt every 10 seconds and 6 seeing her pussy going the other way. On top of that she is on a public pedestrian bridge. She told us that people did walk by and stare...and stayed until she hopped in her car and left.


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