Hi, Over the past several months, my wife and I have enjoyed your site. She is really beginning to come out of her shell since we began playing truth or dare.

Our first time trying truth or dare occurred a few months ago with I was out of town for the weekend. Knowing I was leaving, and knowing that it would be a weekend my wife would be particularly horny, I set up a little game for her to play while I was gone.

I gave her the choice of choosing truth or dare, to my surprise she choose dare. The dare was not all that hard, or even that daring for most, but for her, it was a huge step out of her comfort zone. I had put a $100 bill and a shopping list in an envelop and she was to take this list and get everything on it over the two days I was to be gone. The list included 2 new bras to be purchased at two different locations after trying on at least two others. She was also required to go to at least three stores in the area as she shopped for some new lingerie.

Finally and most daring for her, she was to send me proof either in a photo or voice mail that she had made all the needed stops. She was also required to take photos of herself in her sexy new lingerie as proof that she had completed the dare.

Over the next two days I was constantly hard as she would send me the required notes. I was pleasantly surprised that she had followed each instruction to the letter. When I got home, she greeted me at the door wearing her sexy new lingerie. We had the hottest, wettest and noisiest sex we have ever had. I took her in nearly every way imaginable. It was the first night I can remember in a long time where I came more than once, 3 times to be exact.

Since that time we spend at least one weekend each month doing dares for each other. Our latest was one of the hottest and most risky dares so far, but that is another story. She says that if we get positive feedback about our story and her pics, she will consider taking more and letting me share the beach story.

I am including a couple of her pictures she took of herself. Excuse the poor quality, it was taken on a phone.

Please feel free to give feedback wawife @


Alyssa 1 Alyssa 2




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