Hot Wife Ann

Hot Wife Ann


My wife and I discovered your site about two weeks ago, and we enjoy the stories and pictures. We've been together since we were young teenagers and are now in our mid forties and have never been with anyone else. This site has really added some excitement to our sex life.

About a week ago we went shopping and on the 45 minute drive home I dared my wife to take her shirt off and to give some of the truckers an early Christmas present, after some hesitation she took her top off but kept her jacket handy just in case. As we came up to the first truck my wife turned to her right and pushed her breasts right up against the window. I was astonished because we have never done anything like this and I didn't think she would do it. As we went passed the truck I saw that he was flashing his lights on and off so I slowed down to give him another peek. I thought my wife was going to tell me to speed up but she did it again and this time for much longer.

After pulling away I talked her into taking her pants and underwear off so that I could play with her and when my fingers got to her pussy she was soaked, I was already turned on but now I got a big hard on.She flashed her boobs at a few more truckers on the way home. She rode home the whole way naked and didn't get dressed until our driveway.

WOW, this was incredible! And the sex that night was incredible.

The attached pictures are from last night. The excitement level was really high and my wife was absolutely dripping when it came time for the sex.

Our email address is WilliamandAnn63 @ for any comments.

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Hot Wife Ann



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