How are my Boobs?

How are my Boobs?

I am a self-proclaimed exhibitionist and absolutely ADORE this site. I am so surprised at how people are afraid to do dares! I decided to do one that I had read about on here and it involved me asking men about my boobs. This dare was absolutely fun to do. Strange how men are like little shy doddies when they have to look at a girl's tits or even touch them :-))

Well my story:

I went with a girlfriend to a town where I don't know anybody. I live in Seattle and didn't want to chance it. Oh yeah, attatched is a picture we took of me so that your readers can see the person with the dare. I'm sure some people reading will recocognize some of the buildings but I wasn't in my own apartment so they can't trace my where-abouts.

I asked some guys whether my boobs should be enlarged or not since they are small but perky. The first one was a man, about 40, and he laughed but walked on. I think older men are wiser too :-). The second was a group of five or six younger guys. Very loudly, you know how they are ;-). I asked it and showed them my tits. They were a bit hesitant first, but after one dared to touch and squeeze my titties they all dared to do that. And we talked about my nipples, the curves etc etc...They were very polite ;-). Another one was an African guy, who was a bit too easy going. Was a nice view though, those big black hands on my white breasts ;-). He asked me wether we wanted to go to his place to "drink" something. Well NOT!!! ;-))

It was very very nice to do and a nice feeling, that feeling of power over men! :-) - Justine





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