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Hi Webmaster,

I know it has been since dec since my last post so, I thought I would share my valentine's day story with everyone.

It started out with my hubby J locking me out of our bedroom and why is because he decided to take red and white rose pedals and fixed a path all around our bed and on the the bed, over to the bath tub and in it as well. He had candles lite all over the bed room and all around the bathtub, J had Barry White playing softly. He came out of the room and took my hand and lead me to our room, then stripped body down, took me over to the bath (which is in our bedroom by the way) I stepped in and next thing I know he got in with me (he never does this) and started to lather my body caressing my titties and playing with my very hard nipples,moving his way to my stomach rubbing over my pussy down to my legs and feet sliding his hands back up to my pussy he then started to play with it sliding his fingers inside me by this time i was soaked from his touch.J took some of the rose pedals and started to rub them over my pussy then he spread my lips apart and he was rubbing the rose pedal over my very hard clit gently and slowly.Ladies let me tell you those movies that show this with females reaching orgasm from pedals being rubbed or blown over the body, they were genius, it works trust me. He took the rose pedals and was gently letting them fall onto my wet trembling body he did this several times causing me to reach orgasm over and over.

He then got out of the bath so I could finish bathing giving him the chance to get ready for what was to cum next. then he came back over to me knelled down beside me started kissing me softly and very passionately taking my hand again for me to get out and he started drying my body telling me to lay on my stomach on our bed where he started giving me a very sexual,sensual massage with warm oil......... again picking the rose pedals up and letting them gently fall onto my body while caressing me, he then started to lick my dripping wet pussy and had me turn over then he started massaging my tits, and working his way down to my stomach, working his way down mo my legs and feet licking and kissing all over them he then came back up and started licking my pussy again then he slide up me sliding his dick right into my pussy, making love and caressing me the entire time. we took some pics to share this evening with all of the truth or dare fans hoping your romantic evening went like ours did. oh and our three kids who are all under the age of five was in the living room. (wonder how he accomplished all of this) and we also included my dare for truth or dare. Who says romance and sex stops after marriage we have been together for 12 yrs.

There is only one thing I can say about this surprise.......amazing and incredible thank you baby for giving me a night i will always remember.....I love you.

Feel free to leave your comments at nccpl7578 @

Love to all the truth or dare fans xoxo





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