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Dear Truthordarepics viewers,

I have been on this site now for about 3 years just looking at all the photos and reading the dares, and I must say it really gets me off! I have always wanted to know what it felt like to have thousands of people look at photos of my girlfriend and I “in the act”

We have been doing some public sex, in the cinema, toilet at the pub, on our balcony (this gets me pretty horny because my girlfriend is very loud and I’m positive one day someone will see us lol), in the car in various places, etc.

The most daring thing we’ve done was one night when we stayed in a hotel room with her mother, there were 2 single beds, her mother had one and we shared the other one.. we hadn’t seen each other for about 2 weeks as she had to go away for appointments, so we were both as horny as hell.. we had to be super quiet because we weren’t sure if her mother was asleep or not. So I rolled her onto her side, took down her pants and panties and started to play with her pussy.. she was LOVING it!! I could feel her getting really wet and she could feel my cock getting super hard.. we were playing with each other until we couldn’t handle it any more and she slipped my cock inside her dripping wet, warm, tight pussy and oh god it felt good! I just wanted to fuck her hard and fast and she wanted me to as well, but we didn’t want her mother to “wake up”. We ended up getting faster and a bit louder until we eventually came and holy hell it was awesome! The risk that her mother would wake up and catch us, for some reason, turned us both on a lot!!

Anyway, I have attached some photos of us from a couple of times when we were mucking around with the camera. I certainly hope you all enjoy them, as this is our first submission to your site, and the Internet!


D&M - dandmtod @ gmail.com

DM 1






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