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My wife and I wagered a bet on who would cum first while we were making out one night. The terms if she won (I gave in first) - I would have to get into any position she dictated and she could take a picture and send it to her unwed girlfriends. If I won (she gave in first) she would have to go to the fast food restaurant three blocks from our house wearing only what she had on at the time. Which is to say my wife would have to go through a drive through wearing nothing but a see through tank top. That's right, pussy needed to be on full display for the drive through boy and her legs had to remain open - so her lips and clit (swollen from making out) could be fully seen. Needless to say (as a result of the pictures) I won.

She was so nervous when we were ordering - I of course ordered my sandwich without mayo and onions so that they would have to make it while we waited. She was squirming in her seat as we were pulling up to the window and had her hand in her lap. I told here a bet is a bet and she knew she would have to go through another drive through if she remained covered up. She moved her hand, but had her legs together so her clit was not visible. I said come on and she opened her legs. Just as she did we arrived at the window. I expected to see a wet behind the years teenager but instead there was a good looking gentleman in his early 30's - clearly the manger. He was looking at the screen when we pulled up and taking the order of the car behind us. He stated our total as he turned to the window and I knew instantly that he saw the result of our bet. It looked like all the color had run out of his face as he stood there. My wife extended the money and he didn't take his eyes of her lap as he made change.

He had a chance to regroup as he turned to get our drinks and when he handed them into the car he was smiling as he looked at her and then back down to her open lap. He took another order as we waited for our sandwiches and I counted 7 times that he looked down to catch another glimpse at her clitoris. He had a big grin on his face as he handed us the bag of food and thanked for our business. I wanted to ask him what he thought of my wife's pussy but she drove off as soon as the food was in the window.

I looked over at her as if to say "what was that" and she smiled back as she said "What?, that guy just looked at my bare clit for three minutes - I fulfilled the bet!" To which I had to agree. She kept saying on the way home how embarrassed she was, as she giggled, and I kept reassuring her that the guy wouldn't have been staring quite so intently if she had anything to be embarrassed about.

The picture at the drive through didn't show the full detail of what he saw so I added one that shows you his view. Enjoy the pics and feel free to send me any comments.

rainman232323 @

Drive Thru



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