Drunk Dare

Drunk Dare


Last year my husband Steve and I had a couple of friends over to our house. We were drinking and playing cards all night and I was feeling a little horny. So I got up to get another drink and I flashed my bra as I stood behind my husband best friend Tim .What I didn't realize was that everyone was watching me not just my husband. So here I am dancing around practically flashing my breasts when my girlfriend Charlene says about time someone got naked. I almost died and got really excited at the same time.

Tim out of the blue said OK time to play play poker for clothes, I just smiled at charlene and she smiled back and said OK boys against girls. My husband yelled sweet let me deal, well needless to say the game did not go that well for us girls. Charlene and I were down to our bra skirts and panties, we lost the next hand so we had to decide So our boobs or loss our undies.

We decided we were going to go to the bedroom and decide what we were going to take off. We took our panties off and went back out to see the boys, when we got to the table the boys did not believe we took anything off so they yelled we need proof.

Steve turned the stereo up and Charlene and I startted dancing around giving quick little flashes teasing the hell out of the guys. Boy did they pout saying they couldn't tell if our panties were gone or not. I guess we were too fast for perverted little eyes. HAHA

And if you like to know how the night ended I guess you have to let me know how my first story was?

To be continued...

Please post email at alison.wonderland @ hotmail.com

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Drunk Dare



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