Flashing in Stores

Flashing in Stores

My neighbor who recently discovered this site (on my system) as she has no computer, is on the verge of marriage, and decided that a dare was worth doing and inncocent enough. The dare we picked from here was to flash our boobs in stores when nobody was looking and take a picture. Her fiancee loved the idea and me being single didn't need permission. Since most of the places she would go to were not top-of-the-line, she found it easy to do, but I needed to go with her. Most of the time, it was not a problem, though at times it was because of lots of people (9 stores total). In fact, we had said previously that anything that happened she was to let happen. One of the women who worked there saw us and laughed and got my friend turned on, but nothing else much happend there. This is the best picture we got. - Rebecca


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