Girlfriend M - 6

Girlfriend M

Hi Webmaster,

First, we would like to thank you for every vote/comment/picture we received, and apologize for the delay on posting the winning set of pictures. It's been a crazy "race", with twists of the leader as you can see from the chart, but we have a winner -> The "B" set " Relaxing at the sea" !

Let me tell you about M's greatest dare that she did last summer. So we were at the beach, M was tanning topless near the sea. Usually, when we were going in the water she would take her top on but a couple of times she went without it. ( When she goes into the water most of the people see her from behind but the best part is when she comes out from the sea with her amazing breasts and hard nipples facing the beach so anyone can watch. That's a good view ).

Anyway, so we were at the beach sunbathing with M topless and I was getting thirsty from the heat. I was about to go and buy a drink when suddenly I had the idea of daring M to go buy a beer without her top on. It was about 100 meters from where we were standing to the bar, so she had to walk trough the crowded beach and talk to a stranger ( the bartender ) without her top on, with her beautiful boobs exposed. At first she was hesitant but but she accepted and I got hard watching her taking her time trough the beach and coming back with a beer in her hand and, despite the hot temperature, with hard nipples.

So before we went on our last holiday we asked our no.1 fan for ideas and he dared M to repeat the dare but this time with pictures. I managed to take a few shots of M completing her biggest dare for the second time.

As consolation prize, everyone who voted can claim 3 pictures from their voted set of pictures. Just email and ask but don't cheat, we will only send the "consolation pictures" to people who voted (based on the email).

M&S - juicyms @

Girlfriend M

Girlfriend M

Girlfriend M

Girlfriend M

Girlfriend M



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