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Hot Wife

Hello TorDpics Fans,

We are still appreciating all the hot feedback from the fans. Those who have posted know just how much excitement it brings to the bedroom, car, couch, garage, backyard… (you know what we mean LoL). So keep the emails coming and we will keep posting.

One morning we took some time to go back to the diner for breakfast before work. We both got a big kick out of the “Diner Peak Dare” we did a while ago so we decided to do it again one day. (We still haven’t found the right place or the time to do the “See-thru shirt at Dinner Dare” yet) When Sunshine took off her coat I was surprised to see her wearing the shirt you see in the pictures – No, she didn’t wear the shirt like that to work. We had a great laugh about her getting out of the house without me seeing. Things just got better after that.

We were in luck and got the same waiter as the last time. This made her very comfortable. I told her that someone would have to stare to see she wasn’t wearing anything under the shirt. So to kick it up a notch I told her to undo a couple of buttons. She sat through the whole meal with the waiter coming back and forth and people sitting near us with her beautiful breast on display. At one point she left for the ladies room and on the way back her shirt shifting giving anyone looking a really good show. She smiled and gave and gave a short laugh as she caught my eye before sitting down. I know from her smile she knew what had happened. What a turn on!!

This is the question how much did the waiter actually see? Neither of us knows for sure. You can see from the pics someone standing on the side could see just about her full breast. This guy is so cool he hardly reacts at all. He always smiles so that is not a real indicator. We decided that the next time we go we will make sure he gets a good look. If he doesn’t react then maybe I should flash him instead – LOL

As always your comments are welcome

Keep Daring,

John & Sunshine - sunshinedares @

Hot Wife

Hot Wife

Hot Wife



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