Hot Wife - 44

Hot Wife

Hello TorDpics Fans,

Thanks to all the wonderful people who have sent emails even though we haven't posted in awhile. It was a big motivator to get us back into the game. Things are finally starting to slow down a bit so we have time to start thinking about doing dares. Sunshine is more confident then ever so we have some exciting things planned.

Doing pussy flashing has always been a little scary, but we've talked about it a few times. Each time we do Sunshine gets so turned on trying it only made sense ;-) For those who actually read the stories and/or have sent emails you know we live in a pretty small town and Sunshine is outwardly very conservative. So the very short skirt wouldn't work. We went looking for a dress that was short enough to slide up her thigh without being tooooo obvious. We found a couple of things and went home to plan our strategy. While she tried on this one dress she said I should take her picture. I said it's a nice day let's take it outside. She was so turned on by taking pictures again (as you can see from the last two pictures) that we had to go back inside and give her a good licking - LOL

Thanks again WebMaster and TODPics Fans for making this so much fun! Feel free to email your thoughts and fantasies The more emails she gets telling her what you want to do when you see her pics the more turned on she gets. When she gets turned on we all get the goodies!!!

Happy Daring,

BTW - We know some prefer her shaved. Don't worry those pics are coming soon!!

John & Sunshine - sunshinedares @

Hot Wife

Hot Wife

Hot Wife

Hot Wife

Hot Wife

Hot Wife



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