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Hot Wife

Hello TorDpics Fans,

We really enjoy your great feedback. The hotter the feedback the more daring my lovely Sunshine becomes.

So finally after many discussions and some failed attempts to find a good participant we were able to do the shoe dare (sorta).

We went to a mall a little ways from where we live and walked around a bit so Sunshine could get comfortable. As daring as she is having on a skirt with no panties still gets her nervous (and wet). Once she realized that the whole world couldnít tell that she was going commando we looked for a store to attempt the dare. The shoe stores were filled with stodgy looking people who didnít appear to be in any mood to play. So we found a sneaker store with really willing sales guy.

Sunshine is wearing skirt that is unbuttoned in the front so when she sits the split leaves most of her thigh exposed. She also has on a small white tank top under a form fitting jacket. After chatting the guy up and finding something to try on she sat on the little bench and took every opportunity to cross and spread her legs. She was getting so into trying to give the guy a show of her pussy that she didnít notice that he was staring down her shirt. Because of the angle she was sitting he may have gotten just a quick flash between her legs. Whatever he saw he didnít seem to mind. I tried to get her to put her foot up on the bench and pretend to tie her shoe so she would definitely be seen, but she thought it would look too deliberate. So we eventually bought the shoes and left.

Sunshine was still really turned on so we went looking for another store to try and show some more.

In the next store a not so friendly woman starting helping us but there was a guy behind the counter that looked like he was interested Ė LOL Sunshine positioned herself so that when she tried on the sneakers he would get a good show. I walked away pretending to look at other things in the store so I could watch the show also. At one point she lifted her leg so that her full pussy was on display. That was sooooo hot!! I looked in the direction of the guy and his mouth just dropped open. He looked at me and quickly turned his head as if he didnít want to get caught looking. Sunshine continued the leg lifting and spreading as long as she could without being too obvious.

The look on both guysí faces was priceless unfortunately we couldnít get picture without someone knowing what we were doing. The pictures in the store are me pretending to take pictures of the shoes. I couldnít get a picture of her and the guy at the same time. The others we took on a bench outside one of the stores so the TorDpics Fans could get a good look.

A few more dares are in the works so keep looking. Sunshine loves hearing your thoughts about her adventures and her body (the more graphic the better) It might take a while but we will answers every email.

Until next time Happy Daring,

John & Sunshine - sunshinedares @

Hot Wife

Hot Wife

Hot Wife

Hot Wife

Hot Wife


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