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Hello TorDpics Fans,

Sorry it's been so long since our last post, but all you loyal TorDpics fans have had plenty beautiful bodies to keep you company. We've finally got a moment to get in on the fun. This is a variation of a dare that was suggested to us a while ago. At the time pussy flashing was just a fantasy. Funny how these things evolve - LOL

The dare was to go to one of those quicky oil change and car wash places with a skirt and no panties to do some flashing. So the plan was for Sunshine to drive in and open her legs as she was stepping out of the car when the guy came to get the car. We realized that would be too quick so she decided to open the door spread her legs and act like she was reaching for her bag in the back seat. The plan worked great! She sat there with her pussy on display and the guy staring until he saw me look back and he tried to turn his head. (Couldn't get a picture of that) We saw him walking around in the shop with a smile on his face. To keep the fun going Sunshine sat in the waiting area with her legs open facing the work area. I couldn't take too many pictures without being too obvious. While waiting another customer kept wandering over to where we were. It seemed strange, but there was a television on so we ignored him until I realized that he could see up her skirt through the reflection in the glass. We got a big kick out of that. Then it was time for the car wash.

Since this was the type of car wash were you have to get out of the car we did the same set up. This time another guy was trying to turn his head but keep his eyes glued on Sunshine's gorgeous pussy at the same time. This guy had a smile from ear to ear the whole time we stood there. Being seen always turns Sunshine on, but she said the chilled air on her bare pussy added an extra tingle. Any other ladies feel the same way? When the car was moved a little further inside I told Sunshine she should give the other guy a show so she pulled out her beautiful breast and stood where he could see. The guy sprayed the glass to let her know he got the message. I wonder if anything else erupted - LOL

Sunshine said, I guess that guy wasn't try to act like he didn't see. Any of your guy that might have sprayed something at Sunshine would love to see and hear about it. You can email.

Until next time, Happy Daring!

John & Sunshine - sunshinedares @

Hot Wife

Hot Wife

Hot Wife

Hot Wife

Hot Wife

Hot Wife



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