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Playing with a Stranger in the Car


Hello there Truthordarers!

We’ve been gone for a looooonnnnnng time, but still have much love for this site. The lovely Sunshine and I have had our sexy fun, but no time for posting and emails. Especially, the emails. We make a point of answering all the comments and didn’t want to post and not be able to answer.

Anyway, here’s something we had to share. Actually, Sunshine insisted we post it as proof of her bravery - LOL

We’ve had a “look but don’t touch” policy from the beginning of our adventures. Somewhere along the journey Sunshine began playing with the idea of being touched by a stranger. Well, there’s a place where we frequent and the attendant is a really nice guy. She’s done a few “accidental” boob flashes and some feet on the dash pussy flashes. (I guess he isn’t technically a total stranger at this point) The guy made her feel really comfortable so she fantasized about letting him feel her up.

The first step was to let him feel her boobs through the window. When we went through with it the guy actually asked could he feel “everything.” She just smiled and opened her legs. She was so turned on she could barely contain herself. When we got home and talked about it to my surprise she got hot thinking about giving the guy a hand job. It took some time to work up the nerve and to find the right time.

The pictures and video are the results.

Sunshine was in the back seat and I put the window down to the guy’s complete surprise. She was rubbing her pussy while he watched and then asked him if he wanted to touch. Two minutes into it he asked her if he could show her his dick. She said sure. He opened the door took out his dick and started jerking off. She asked him if he wanted help and stroked him until he came. Before he came I guess some blood went back to his brain and he got a little embarrassed so we didn’t get the money shot.

I would have never believed my Sunshine would have ever been this adventurous. This is what happens when you’re a fan of this site. Keep posting at your own risk - LOL

I don’t know when we will be able to post again. Until then Happy Daring!!!

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John & Sunshine - sunshinedares @

Hot Wife

Hot Wife

Hot Wife

Hot Wife

Hot Wife



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