Kim - 2


Hi All,

Dear Mr. Michaels,

I know you visit this site, and I will have left a post it note on your desk telling you that there is something on here for you. Here it goes:

For some time now we have been playing, and now I want to up the game. I have completed your dares, even masturbating at work, and then showing you the picture to prove I did. I have sat at my desk while you walked by, completely wet...knowing you were undressing me with your eyes. I have masturbated endless times imagining you inside of me, pulling my hair, pinching my nipples, smacking my ass. I know you want me, yet you never touch me, because you are a powerful man who doesn't want to completely break the rules. Now I am going to dare you too. If you want to play with me anymore, you will listen to this dare, and then complete it. If not I will assume you are all talk, and I guess I will have to find another man or woman to play my dirty little game with. I have included pictures to illustrate exactly what I want you to do. I realize you are a man of power, and that your obligations keep you on a rather tight schedule, so I will even give you the whole month of February to figure out a date and time to get this done...consider it my Valentines gift to you. The blue dildo in these pictures represents your cock, and my fingers represent yours. I will meet you wherever you want and wear a long jacket and a little black dress (see pictures) and will let you look at me for a few minutes while I walk you through what you will be doing. First I want you to get out of your stiff looking business suit, or at least your pants. I want to take your cock out and shove it deep into the back of my throat. I have no gag reflux, which you will soon see. I want to suck that cock I have been craving until you nearly cum, at which point it will be time for you to please me. I want you to suck my pussy, and shove your fingers up my ass to prepare it for later. I then want you to take your hard cock and shove it deep inside of me, and do not disappoint me...I want it shoved in...hard. Once you have been in me for awhile, I want you to stick your cock into my ass, and then finish off by cumming on my ass. It's time to see this through...I have been a good girl. You have one month to complete the dare, and I have included pictures to show you exactly what I want.

Look forward to finally having you.

~ Your dirty girl Kim (pseudoname) quadrupledare @








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