Kiss My Ass

Kiss My Ass

Hi Webmaster, here is my story: One night, my ex-boyfriend, who I still hook up with frequently, invited me to a party that his brother's friends were having. I agreed to go, and I met him there thinking that it would be a fun night. So, we started to drink, and more people started to come. Early in the night, we started to make out and fondled each other. Then we started to drink again. An hour later, while we were still on the porch, he started to make out with this girl right in front of me! I was pretty upset because he was my first, and we had been very on and off for years. I never cared too much before because he had never done something of the sort in front of me. I couldn't believe it! So, I got up and went to another part of the house to vent to my girlfriend. Oddly enough, I ended up talking to his older brother for quite a while. My, oh my, did we hit it off. However, I had decided not to do anything with anyone because of how mad I was at my ex, especially not with his brother! Well, low and behold, I found my ex later with two other girls all over him. They were dancing, and that just lit the fuse for me. I ended up back with his brother and, before I knew it, we were making out. We ended up having sex in the bathroom! My ex was in the room right next to us all alone because the girls he had been with had left the party. Ironically, the tables had turned, and my ex was now pissed off. So, his brother and I headed to the bathroom to talk, but we ended up fooling around a little bit until we couldn't take it anymore. I had the most unbelievable sex with his gorgeous brother who knew all the right spots. We didn't stop there, either. We went out to smoke a cigarette and could hardly contain ourselves. We ended up having sex on the side of the house again! To top it all off, an hour later we hooked up in the basement while my girlfriend was in the other room. It was incredible and probably the best sex I've had in a while. All I have to say to my ex is that pay back is a b*tch. He can "kiss my ass" as my picture submission says well. That is me if you haven't guess yet on the left with my friend on the right before a halloween party. I hope he reads this. - Bethany, 21



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