Lingerie Wife - 2

Lingerie Wife

Hi Webmaster,

I thought I might surprise my husband and post a few pics without him knowing!

We were having another hot session when we took these pics, I dressed in the sexy basque and stockings without knickers but he WASN'T allowed to touch, taste or fuck me until I said he could! Each time he tried to touch my shaven pussy or grope my tits, I just sucked or licked his cock and balls to distract him. I kept this going until I could feel him start to cum - then I stopped totally and ordered him to lick my wet pussy! I came almost immediately but he carried on licking my clit and then fingering my pussy until I was on the verge of cumming again. He then stopped abruptly, trying to pay me back from earlier! I roughly pushed him onto his back before straddling him and slowly sinking down on his hard cock, I could feel my juices run down his cock and onto his balls as I rode him. I could feel him swelling as he neared his climax but again I stopped, this time I dismounted and then moved down so that I could take him my mouth again. I could taste my cum on his stiff cock, he groaned as I slid my mouth all the way down. It wasn't long before my hubby grabbed the back of my head and wound his fingers into my hair as he unloaded his cum into my mouth. After he'd finished cumming in my mouth, I ordered him to then finger my pussy until I came all over his hand. But I still wasn't satisfied, I wanted more so I got out my favourite toy and slid it up my wet pussy, my hubby was enjoying the show with stiff cock in hand. I pumped the toy in and out of my pussy whilst playing with my clit with the other hand - enjoying showing off to him, I came hard and fast! My hubby then flipped me over and shoved his rock hard cock up my very wet and pulsating pussy. He held me by the hips as he pumped in and out of my pussy and then with a deep groan filled my throbbing wet pussy with his cum.

Enjoy the naughty pics of the early part of this story as we got so carried away that we forgot to take any more - this time!


sexy69wife @

Lingerie Wife

Lingerie Wife

Lingerie Wife



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