Erotic Massage

Erotic Massage

Hi Readers,

Several weeks ago I gave my wife a gift certificate for a 1 hour massage at our home. My wife had never had a professional massage before and I asked her if she preferred a man or a woman to massage her. She requested a man so I made an appointment for a massage therapist to come out to our house that next weekend. I could tell she was a bit nervous before he arrived but I told her to take off all her clothes and wrap a towel around herself and just relax and enjoy the experience. When the doorbell rang I answered it and was pleased to meet a young guy who I would guess was in his mid 20's. He came in and began setting up his massage table in our family room. My wife came out and I introduced her and told him she had never had a professional massage before.

He told her to relax and that she could tell him to stop at anytime. I put on some soft music and told them I was going to be in my office. I shut the "pocketing" door that separated the family room from the back bedrooms and my office. The door was the type with louvers that you could look through on an angle. I waited about 10 minutes before my curiosity got the better of me and I snuck out into the hallway to peek out and see what was going on. I had a great view and he was working on her back and shoulders. I noticed right away that he kept rubbing his hands down onto her sides and his fingers were touching the sides of her tits which were pressed down on the table.

He began working his way down her back and kept pushing the towel down further until I could see that the top half of her ass was exposed. Then I heard him say he was going to do her legs and he pulled the towel up to cover her ass and then folded the bottom part up to expose all of her legs. I didn't know if my wife realized it, but the way he positioned the towel left the bottom of her ass cheeks and her pussy exposed. I noticed that he adjusted the towel several times and even went as far as pulling her legs further apart when he started massaging them. I had a view from the bottom of the table so I could see her pussy lips fully exposed to his view. He even bent down several times to get a close-up look at her pussy since she was face down on the table.

I was getting so turned on seeing this stranger check out my wife. He started rubbing his hands up her legs and even went up close to her pussy but he never actually touched her. He eventually told her to roll over on her back and went she did the towel was still on her lower body so her tits were fully exposed for a few seconds. When she pulled the towel up to cover her tits I noticed that her pussy was just barely showing from the bottom of the towel. She didn't pull the towel down so the guy just went back to massaging her legs from the end of the table. Once again, as he massaged them he slowly pushed them apart until he had a great view.

I could see her clit from where I was standing so I knew he was enjoying the view. I guess this guy figured he'd push his luck a little more so he told her he was going to do some "leg stretches" on her. She agreed and the next thing I know he takes one of her legs and bends it so her knee is pointing straight up in the air and her foot is flat on the table with her heel up against her ass. Then he held the other leg down as he pushed the bent leg all the way over to the side. If you're picturing this in your mind you will of course realize that this position spread her legs "wide" apart and put his face about 12 inches from her pussy.

He spread her apart about 5-6 times before switching to the other side and doing the same treatment on the other leg. Having met no resistance he went for the grand finale' by standing at the end of the table and taking one foot in each hand. He then told her he was going to push her legs upward and she should push back. He applied pressure for a few minutes and then told her to slowly decrease her resistence. As she did her knees were pushed up and apart until her legs were spread and her ass was even lifted off the table. I could just see past him enough to see her pussy sread wide apart and even her ass-hole exposed for him to see. He just held her in that position for about 3 minutes and she just laid there with her eyes closed looking perfectly relaxed. I looked at my watch and realized that her 1 hour massage had lasted an hour and 20 minutes. He reluctantly told her he was finished and she called back to me. I opened the office door from the outside pretending to be coming out and slid the pocketing door open. I asked her if she had enjoyed the massage and she said it was awesome and she was sooo relaxed. I tipped the guy and thanked him for taking his time with my wife. He grinned and said it was his pleasure. I knew for a fact it was!!! When he left my wife jumped on me like she had been deprived of sex for years and we had a wild time to put it tamely. That confirmed to me that she enjoyed it thouroughly and now she asks me to massage her before we have sex with oil while she replays that time out loud and then goes further with the fantasy. I hope many of you could experience that same thing.

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Erotic Massage


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