M and G

M and G


Finally!!! our first submission to TODP. these pics took several months in the making.

It all started early this year when we got bored of our usual sex routine. one night while we were having sex my wife M stood in front of the window and asked to be fucked there. we were not worried because our lights were turned off and it was dark outside. it was a rush!

several weeks passed and we started having sex with the windows and balcony door open on broad daylight. one day my wife while riding me on the sofa suddenly stood up and went in front the window naked. we fucked doggy style. it was exhilarating thinking that there might be people watching us, but we didn't care as long as we don't see them :) we did this almost everyday for several weeks.

and then came truthordarepics.com...

Before we have sex, my wife would turn on her laptop and read sex stories while i would be on my own laptop and surf for something more interesting than the usual porn stuff. then i stumbled upon truthordarepics.com. soon we were having the idea of going out with her wearing nothing but a short dress. one day while having sex, i whispered to her that it makes me horny imagining her flashing on a bar. to my surprise, she replied: i feel horny too at the thought of flashing my tits and pussy to other men. she even described to me how she plans on doing that! wow!

and so now she no longer minds if i take a picture of her pussy and post in online for others to see.


M and G - mg.todp @ gmail.com

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M&G 1

M and G


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