Hi Everyone,

No dare, just the truth:

A little history first. I married my husband in 2003. Our first trip to Joseph, OR was that winter. On the way home we pulled over on the side of the road for a little play. I stripped to nothing handing all my clothes to my husband, whom I trusted very much. After our little play, he put the car in drive and started back toward home. Me sitting in the front seat, naked, embarrassed, but also a little turned on. I believe I used a coat to cover up when cars approached. I was sooo glad it was nighttime. I found out about his fetishes at that time. I tried, but for some reason just could NOT get into taking nude pics at my age I felt extremely uncomfortable. Long story short - we took a few pics off and on (more off), went to a couple clubs (short lived), perused the websites, joined AFF, etc. I tried, honestly. But at age 48, just did not feel right doing those things. Needless to say - we are separated. Other reasons are involved. I've lost several pounds since January of this year. I'm feeling better - mentally and physically. I'm in therapy, and I have since started experimenting with myself.

Here's my story. I left Walla Walla, WA about 3:00 Friday afternoon for a quick trip to take the motorhome to Joseph, OR for the summer season. This is a trip that I make several times a year and have never had problems. This trip turned out just a little different . . .

The trip to Joseph only takes a couple hours. Over Tollgate, thru Elgin, OR and several small towns. Nice trip, especially during summer. I'd passed thru Wallowa heading into Lostine, when all of the sudden, my little Toyota Dolphin started shaking badly. I pulled over immediately. Blew the sidewall out of the rear drive tire. No spare, no jack and miles from a town that would be open about 5:00 pm. I'd passed a Les Schwab truck several towns back, as luck would be he was heading into Enterprise just up ahead. It would take a while to get a tire and return to repair the tire. I took advantage of the time.

I set the camera on the hood of the truck and snapped a few pics in between on coming vehicles. As you can guess at 5:00 on a Friday there were a few cars. So I decided to sit on the passenger side, set the camera in the window and check out the various settings. I learned how to use the 10 second timer and had a great time. Only one car actually stopped, I pulled the swimsuit top closed and walked over. Two elderly men, I told them Les Schwab was coming. I think they enjoyed the view. Back to the pics, getting a little more revealing as time went buy. About 45 minutes into my wait as I turned around to reset the camera, I saw the County Sheriff not far off, as they turned around I grabbed my shirt and stuffed my arms through as swiftly as possible. I walked back to them and told them I was doing great, just biding my time taking pictures while I waited for the Les Schwab guy. They helped me get the motorhome off the road further and a little safer then off they went. Back to the pics.

I got to Joseph about 7:00 that night.

This is my first attempt at semi-nude public pics. It was fun, I hope you enjoy them.

Please email me at mywildestdreams @ I welcome constructive comments. Who knows, maybe if these pics are well received . . .







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