Restaurant Dare

Restaurant Dare

Hi Webmaster,

First time posters here. Our story is the same as everyone else. G (husband) found this site and enjoyed reading all the dares and hearing how turned on the gals would get when completing the dares. Our sex life was in need of a boost, so I tried over and over to get L (wife) to allow pictures to be posted. She went from "not a chance" to "maybe" to "OK".

We went to a nice restaurant and got seated in a booth. L wore a classy back dress that showed only a little cleavage but could easily have been pulled down to reveal her gorgeous tits at a moments notice. The tables on either side of us were occupied, but they were not able to see us unless they stood up. There was, however, lots of foot traffic back and forth as waiters and waitresses hurried by. I asked L to flash me and to my surprise, she very willingly pulled the top of her dress down to expose both breasts. I said let me take a picture and she very willingly posed for me. I took my time getting the camera phone ready just to get her a little anxious. To my surprise, she was very calm. What a turn on. After a few more pictures were taken, I was looking at the pictures on the phone when the servers kept walking by. A male server stopped to fill our water glasses and I purposely left the picture of her exposed breasts on it and "inadvertently" faced it towards him. I don't know if he looked or not, but if he did, he would have seen a great shot of my wife's tits. We were both getting quite turned on by this time, so I asked her to finger herself and feed her delicious pussy juices to me. Once again, without hesitation she reached down and slid her hand up her dress and into her soaking wet pussy. It was such a turn on to see her facial expressions knowing what she was doing to herself under the table. After bringing herself to a mini orgasm, she pulled her fingers out and reached them across the table to me to lick clean. Now I know that a lot of husbands boast about how good their wives pussy tastes, but believe me, my wife's pussy taste's soooo good.

So after a few more pictures and flashing, I had to excuse myself to go to the Men's room. I went into the stall and pulled out my cock and took a picture of it. I showed my wife my picture and once again, left it displayed on the phone when the waitress came by. Not sure if she saw or not. Over the course of the meal, I had done this several times, leaving the pictures displayed on the phone and innocently holding it in such a position that anyone walking by could see.

We stayed until most of the other customers had left the section that we were seated in. As we were getting up to leave, L leans up against a pillar pulls out her tits one more time, grabs me by the back of the neck and pulls my head down to her tits. She wanted them sucked NOW! So here I am sucking away on her gorgeous nipples when our waitress came around the corner about 50 feet away. I actually saw her out the corner of my eye, but didn't want to stop just yet. I wanted to make sure she saw us. So I kept at it for a few more seconds, then pulled off and tried to look surprised. What a turn on.

My wife then made a stop in the ladies room before we left. While I was waiting, the waitress saw me sitting there and made a point of walking past me. She said "I hope you two had fun tonight". You bet your ass we did. When L came out from the ladies room, she showed me that she had taken off her bra. We then went home and had amazing sex. What a night.

Since that night, I have thought about something I know would turn my wife on. I haven't discussed it with her yet, but she'll find out when she reads this. My idea, and this challenge can be sent out to anybody and everybody, is to give your camera phone to your waiter and have him take a picture of his cock for your wife to see. Just a thought.

My wife's tits have never before made a public appearance, so this was very new for her. Feedback is appreciated. Send comments to:

g_and_l @

Restaurant Dare

Restaurant Dare


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