Reunited Swingers

Reunited Swingers


This is more daring than a true dare but I am sure that many will enjoy this story. It all started almost 8 years ago. My wife and I and her husband and she were swingers and met online. We got together and the chemistry between she and I was virtually instantaneous. Tragically we donít have any pictures of those few meetings but they were tremendous.

She was desperate to break out of her shell and explore her sexuality.

We actually got together only 3 times. The first was just to get to know each other, a bit of touch and tease and watching each other with respective spouses. I was delighted to see that she has a very pretty shaved pussy. For her it was watching the kind of aggressive hard and fast sex that my wife and I had that really turned her on and made her want more.

More ended up being a couple of months later when we arranged a get together for her husbandís birthday. We had 2 rounds that night. The first was more touch and tease which included swapping for oral. I still recall the look of surprise on her face as she went to give me a blow job but I stopped her, pushed her back and took my pleasure from her pussy. Then I changed her world forever by tonguing her sweet ass. Up until that point she had never had anyone pleasure her ass, and although she wasnít sure about it, she couldnít deny that she liked it. Round 2 that night was a full swap. Now I could indulge in her sweet smooth pussy and she could get fucked hard and fast for more than just a few strokes. We both took advantage of having a new body to explore and pleasure. Once again I took her someplace new when she was riding my cock. I eased my hand along her hips and slowly pushed a single finger deep in her virgin ass. For her ass it was an amazing day, first it was licked and then penetrated, nothing like she had ever experienced before.

As swingers we would get together one more time, about 4 months later. This one went down much as the last one had but once again I took advantage of her virgin ass. I was not content just to use my tongue and fingers so I upped the ante with the use of a butt plug while I fucked her doggy style. Knowing she wasnít experienced I started her off with a small slim plug. The combination of the contractions of her ass and my hard thrusting kept forcing the plug out. I wanted to move her up to a larger plug but her husband wasnít comfortable with her enjoying herself that much so he nixed that idea.

We lost touch for about 7 years but apparently she was determined to become the person she wanted to be with or without me. She found me on a social networking site and apparently had been looking for me during the intervening years. Her marriage and mine had both turned sour and she was ready for a change.

Here is the first series of pictures we will submit. These are some of the ones that she took on her own to share with people she met on the computer. If the responses are good we have lots more that we have taken each time we get together that we cannot wait to share.

Please send feedback to reunited318 @

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Reunited Swingers

Reunited Swingers

Reunited Swingers

Reunited Swingers

Reunited Swingers

Reunited Swingers

Reunited Swingers

Reunited Swingers



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