Sassy Wife

Sassy Wife

Hi Webmaster,

Although my wife is just over 40 she looks 20 while naked and is always into youngish things. For example, last year she and I went camping with my boss who was going through a divorce at the time. He wanted to be out of his house for the weekend so I invited him to join us in the Keys to camp for a few days. We had a fairly secluded camp site and after drinking a couple of bottles of wine we were all feeling no pain. My boss was sitting in a low beach chair and my wife was standing right behind him. She told me to take their picture and when I did she flashed her tits at me. I love it when she gets in these moods so I told her I wanted another picture.

My boss was oblivious to what she was doing but this time she pulled her pants down and lifted her shirt. It was a great shot and she wanted me to take one more. This time he sensed something was going on behind his back and turned around to find her bare pussy about 10 inches from his face. He grabbed her hand and pulled her around in front of him and she just let him get a good look. She posed for many more pictures and when she started to wind down she puled me aside and ask me if it would be OK if she invited my boss to come watch her take a shower. She felt bad that he was dealing with the divorce and wanted to give him a "treat". I told her it was OK with me but I wanted all the details later.

She agreed and led him off to the shower room. She told me later that she let him watch her lather up and even allowed him to soap up her ass for awhile. She didn't let him play with her but she spent plenty of time soaping up herself. He got quite a show. She said they did get a few stares from 2 other guys when they came out of the stall since they were in the mens shower room.

Hope you all like her pics and look out for more soon.

me & My Sassy Wife - lope38 @

Sassy Wife

Sassy Wife



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