Trixie V

Trixie V

Hi Everyone,

First, I want to share a little bit of history about myself to set the scene. Ever since I was younger I have loved showing off my body to basically anyone who wanted to see it. Typically this only went up to underwear and clearly with other teens. But still, I loved the attention I got and I think the guys enjoyed it too. During this time, I also loved to flash my breasts at parties and other social gatherings. I even did it once at school during lunch on a dare. As I got older, this tendency didn't really go away but I was more subdued since I was starting to have long term serious relationships with guys who were generally not ok with sharing me at all. However, my current boyfriend is ok with me indulging in this exhibitionist drive of mine and recently he gave me a dare I couldn't refuse.

The county fair was going on and we were invited to go with a few of my boyfriend's friends who are both guys. We had been discussing our fantasies and mine had always included showing off my body to other guys, specifically to one of the guys who was with us at the fair. So, the days events were not too surprising to me. First, we did all the normal fair activities like seeing the animals, eating fair food, and looking at various exhibits. But then, we all decided to go on the ferris wheel. As it went around, it would stop at the top to let new people on.

My boyfriend dared me to flash both of his friends (and the entire fair) at the top. I accepted and we got on the ride. When it stopped at the top, I only hesitated for a second before suddenly pulling up my shirt and bra, revealing my titties. Needless to say, both of his friends were stunned, but in a good way. I'm pretty sure that was the highlight of the day for all of us.

Right now we are working out the details of a dare in the car which I will of course post assuming I get good feedback. ;)

Trixie V. - trixie.v.daring @

(Sorry I only have one picture for the Ferris Wheel but there wasn't time to take more than one. I hope that is okay.)

Trixie V



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