Playing Truth or Dare

Playing Truth or Dare

A good friend of mine came to visit for the weekend, so we (he, I and my wife) went out for dinner and drinks. When we came home, we sat down to chat with a few more drinks. Eventually, I suggested a game of truth or dare. They both reluctantly agreed and things started off with almost everyone picking truth. Finally I got my wife to take a dare and dared her to play a round topless. With only a little encouragement, she took her top off and played a whole round topless. My friend pretended to be a gentleman by covering his eyes. I doubted his dedication.

At one point I picked dare and my wife dared me to play a round naked, which I did. Then I dared her to go to the front of the room and strip naked. She went up, removed her top, then removed the rest of her clothes (which I got a picture of), then bent over while facing the other way, wiggling her ass and (unwittingly?) pussy at us. Again, my friend pretended to be a gentleman and covered his eyes. However, he later slippled and made a comment about her wiggling her ass at us, which he wouldn't have know about if didn't peek.

I was incredibly turned on by the whole thing, but unfortunately we decided to quit shortly thereafter. - Kevin



"Clips from different sorority sister's houses and dorms across colleges."

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Dare Videos Dare Videos Dare Videos
Dare Videos Dare Videos Dare Videos

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