Angel & Taylor

Nude in the Woods

Nude in the Woods


My wife is hot! I showed her this site and she surprised me by agreeing to allow me to post some recent photos of her. This nude picture thing is a brand new kink for us and we are both enjoying it very much. We went for a walk in some woods near our home and about halfway through I suggested that she give me a sight...she obliged. Luckily I had my camera! I then dared her to walk the path with no bottom on and at first she was nervous but she warmed quickly. When I went to kiss her and get a feel I found her to very "ready" and I told her that I was glad to see that she was enjoying this as much as I was to which she said "I'd be lying if I said I wasn't enjoying this"! She then took off all of her clothes and began posing for me on a nearby log...AWESOME! I had intended to keep this going for some time but I just couldn't resist and ended up fucking her against a large stump in the middle of an open forest where we could have been seen from quite a distance at any time. I have attached some pics from this adventure (there are many many more!) and hopefully you'll all like them.

Angel and Taylor

angandtay69 @

P.S. As we are doing this right now she is soaking wet

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Nude in the Woods

Nude in the Woods

Nude in the Woods

Nude in the Woods

Nude in the Woods

Nude in the Woods

Nude in the Woods


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