Bikini Wife - 1

Bikini Dare

Bikini Dare


1st 3 Pics - I am surprised I got so many compliments so quick. I didn't know so many people visited this website and were willing to drop a couple of encouraging lines to the women daring enough to start posting their sexy pictures online, even if it's with their faces covered and don't show any genitalia.

Anyways, here are a few pics my husband took of me at a different beach, it is a very private one and in the weekdays it's almost empty, so I decided to take a suntan using my hot pink g-string I also normally use only as lingerie. Too bad the ice cream sellers at the beach like to work even on the weekdays as well when there aren't many potential customers (they should take those days off! work somewhere else!): they were wandering around like vultures, walking across the beach back and forth pretending to be looking for clientele when they were just trying to peek at me discretely (and they suck at it!). Then, they conveniently decided to take a lunch break together sitting at a point not very far from where we were. This time I dared my husband to call one of them to buy me an ice cream.

So he raised his hand to call them and one of them immediately stood up and came to us running with his ice cream box. The guy may have seemed braver than his colleagues at first, but when he got near us he was staring at my husband's face afraid that he might get in trouble with him if he noticed he was looking at me, laying on my towel, topless, with my belly on the ground and my buttcheeks exposed becuase I was wearing only my g-string. There was a moment where I turned my body to the side a little bit to choose the ice cream I wanted, I believe the guy dropped the ice cream he was holding when I did that! It was cute and funny.

Next 4 Pics - Some people wanted to see me wearing the lower part of that yellow bikini I normally use as lingerie only except for that one time at the lonely beach resort. So I looked for it among my drawers and found the bottom part but I couldn't find the top! Anyways, I think this ended up working for your advantage, because in order to cover my nipples, I cut off two squares of light blue masking tape and with a pair of scissors, I wanted to give them the shape of stars, only that to make them look right I chopped more and more pieces until the stars were so small they did not cover my aureolas! (that is, those brown circles around your nipples that are also supposed to be very private). So, yes, I guess this turned out to be a bonus for all you who gave me very nice and polite positive feedback. Keep doing so. Regards, "Bikini Wife".

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Awkward Moment ...

*** The winning girlfriend, became quiet and unhappy (later on in full vid) watching her BF and the loser have fun ... he even made her cum.

What's happening?? ...

"I Won - I get to sit out with the other winner and watch the loser receive her consequence."

"I Lost - I must now take both of the winner's boyfriends in front of them. One in the pussy and the other in the mouth :("


Loser Must Masturbate for the Other 2 ...

Their First Time Playing Strip High Card ...

Loser has to Submit to 'Anything' the other wants ...


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