Bikini Wife - 3

Bikini Wedgie

Bikini Front Wedgie


Wow, I got a lot of feedback on my last post already; especially about the last picture, the one I almost don't submit! Many told me that they were wishing to be that glass bottle, which I find ironic since initially I asked my husband to lend his genitals for the demonstration of how you can have sex while wearing a g-string, but he didn't want to appear in the picture!

Now, I liked the idea of keeping the posts just sexy but add a porny picture at the end for the delight of all the TODP community which is always very flattering with me.

So, I hope you like the last one this time, I pulled my bikini bottom up so hard that it ended up squeezing between my vaginal lips, leaving my whole vulva exposed. I also wouldn't have normally dared to post such a hot picture, but I was so proud that I shaved my vulva so thoroughly before the photo session that I wanted to show off the result. Take care you all! Love, Bikini Wife.

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