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P: my girlfriend and I have been looking at the dares on the site for a while now and I have finally talked A into being a little adventuresome and posting some of our private pictures on this site. I tell her she has a very sexy body, but like all women, she is too judgmental of herself. I would love for her to get some feedback on her photos, help me out guys (and ladies), I know I'm not the only one that thinks she is sexxxy!!

A: I think P is crazy. I'm on the fence about sharing these pictures, but I feel like it would help me come out of my shell a little bit... I hope that he's right. I am looking for some semi vanilla dares to perform, nothing too serious at first please!!! I hope you enjoy our little adventure.

Love the site everyone, and feel free to send us any messages to this email:

AnnPhillip13 @ hotmail.com

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Nude Girlfriend

Nude Girlfriend


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