Kate - 1

Wife Flashing Her Panties

Wife Flashing Her Panties


Wow, the feedback from our first post was great. Appreciate everyone's positive comments which made us want to post a few more pictures. The first two are to satisfy several requests for 'panty shots'. These are from a vacation we took where we didn't plan to do too much. We decided to tour some model homes at a high-end development. It was hot and late in the day so there weren't too many people around and the agents seemed very busy with a potential buyer in the sales office. When no one was in the back yard, Kate decided that she'd flash me a couple of times and I managed to capture at least part of the show with the camera.

Kate can be quite a tease and it doesn't take much to get me going. Back in the house she suggested that we check out the master bedroom. The place seems perfect for a little afternoon action, the only issue is these model homes don't have interior doors and the master bedroom was next to the front door. Kate dropped her panties and bent over the bed... I didn't think twice. There's something really exhilarating about knowing you could easily be caught and it only took me a couple of minutes to cum. Wow, makes me hard just thinking about that day.

The next couple of pictures came from a night at home. Kate and I had come back from a night out. She had these fishnet panty hose on that had a run in them and I suggested a great way to help her get out of them. I think that large hole came from my teeth, but then it was time to tear at them. Kate found a way to occupy herself while I got the camera. After a couple of shots, I had to have her - bent over the arm of the couch.

Hope you enjoy these. Comments are very much appreciated.

Petru and Kate - kate_minola @ ymail.com





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