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Nude at the Window Dare

Nude at the Window Dare


We had such a great response to our last post and that's what keeps the new posts coming. Thanks to all who took the time to email us and we'll work on getting back to you, but work seems to be overtaking too much of our free time. I'm sure most of you can relate.

Well, here are the last few pictures from our fall trip. We were staying in a corner apartment in a large city. The apartment happened to be on the route from the center of the city to a major tourist attraction so while most of the foot traffic passed by in during the day, people were walking by at all hours. These pics were taken on our last night and Kate had emerged from the shower and was checking out the action on the street on one side of the apartment. After a bit of posing she moved to the other side which had French doors fronted by a railing.

So there she was, completely naked and anyone coming up the road from the city would get a full on clear frontal view of her, particularly because there were lights that lit up the entire outside of the building. In the last pic you'll notice the first of the passersby just to the right of Kate's right thigh and this guy was followed shortly by a couple. This seemed like a now-or-never kind of moment so I snapped a couple of quick shots, put the camera down and stripped off the last of my clothes. I was already rock hard and Kate was dripping wet and with that I was deep inside her in a flash. I'm typically no 'minute man' but between the photo session and the intense excitement of fucking Kate from behind as we watched the single guy and the couple getting closer and closer, we both came just before these guys got to our corner. We didn't wait in the doorway for eye contact with the folks on the street, but there was little question about what was going on... Man, I love my wife!

I'm a little behind on sorting through photos, so let us know if you liked our posting and there will be more to come. We've also got a few dares/requests to fulfill and we'll work on those on our next adventure.

Petru and Kate - kate_minola @ ymail.com







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