Kate - 2

Wife in the Shower

Wife in the Shower


So everyone seems to love Kate's butt, but we've gotten LOTS of requests to see the other side of Kate. These are some of my favorites from our most recent Vegas vacation that feature Kate's 'other side'. Kate has been great about giving me the okay to post her pics, but if you guys (and women) enjoy seeing Kate and want more, please send your comments and encouragement. She really loves reading your emails.

We've had a lot of adventures, but don't have pictures of all of them - sometimes it's just not possible... But for those of you who enjoy a story, here's one from last summer:

Kate and I went out to dinner one Friday night and Kate had at least 2 glasses of wine. This typically gets her pretty warmed up! After dinner we're headed across a very busy parking lot, Kate runs ahead of me, turns around and lifts her skirt - no panties and very little hair! I was just stunned and couldn't wait to catch up. Then it occurs to me that others must have seen the show as this parking lot is packed and there are people coming and going from the grocery and several busy restaurants. Thought that was kind of cool, but frankly was more interested in what lay ahead.

We get back to the car and I have to pour Kate into the front seat. She spreads her legs and gives me a fantastic view. As I give her a deep kiss, I reach down and finger her pussy. She's so wet that it's literally running down her legs. She suggests that we head to this pedestrian bridge over a busy 4 lane road. This thing has low walls on either side with chain-link fencing above the wall. We get out in the middle where we can see the cars going both directions. Kate lifts her skirt in the back and I unzip and release my very hard cock. She's soaking so there's no issue fucking her and it's night but the thing is lit for safety so anyone driving by can see us. Whether or not anyone figured out that we were fucking, who knows, but they can see us from about mid-thigh on up. Anyway, we go at it for a couple of minutes and here comes a guy on a bike. Now there's a stairway on either side so we get a few seconds warning before someone's on the bridge. So I pull out and try to act like we're just looking at the cars going by. He crosses, I unzip and we're at it again. Another minute, two more people - this happens like 3 more times. It's both exhilarating and a little annoying. Finally as another couple comes by I just shove my cock as deep in Kate as I can and hope no one figures out that I'm doing something more than just standing really close to my wife.

Finally I explode inside Kate - which was pretty cool to do while looking at these drivers below us. Don't know who saw or figured out what, but it was a huge turn-on to be that close to so many people while enjoying each other.

Anyway, hope you enjoy the pics and send your comments if you want to see more

Petru and Kate - kate_minola @ ymail.com







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