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Naughty in Spain

Naughty in Spain Dare


It's been a long time since we've posted - we've got the usual excuses. Just a few shots this time. The first 4 are from a trip to Spain. Kate had some fun in the room and then proceeded to strip off her underwear on the balcony overlooking a pretty busy plaza. My old camera wasn't up to getting the night shots. I was amazed, people just don't look up while they're walking... Never know what you might be missing.

The last shot was at a older historic hotel we stayed at recently that had a beautiful indoor pool. We went down to go swimming only to find that they had a co-ed locker room...The locker room had really high ceilings with little private changing stalls, each with it's own private shower. The stall walls were about 6 feet high. No ceilings but you couldn't see into the other stalls unless you were really tall. Hmmm!

So we got changed, jumped in the pool and played around for a little while. It was afternoon and there were a couple of other people swimming laps, but after a few minutes they all finished leaving Kate and me alone in the pool. Kate looked at me and said "if you want any pictures, you better get your camera now." By the time I got it out - the camera that is - Kate was naked and swimming around in the pool. I snapped a few shots and she got back in her suit while I tried to hide my erection. Within a minute or two a couple and a family were in the pool and then as a little tour came in, we discovered there was another entrance to the pool directly from the lobby to a little set of bleachers we'd missed. Wow, we could have put on quite a show. I love the idea that we could have easily been discovered and nearly were.

With all the people in the pool we decided we were done. I had no problem with Kate's suggestion that we share a changing stall. Once inside we started passionately kissing. Kate's hand started massaging my already hard cock and I started kneading her breasts. Kate started giving me head and I turned on the shower to cover the sounds a bit as there was a guy not 3 feet away taking a shower and a woman changing in the stall next to us. Kate turned around and I pounded her hard from behind. It took all the willpower I had to not scream out when I came - Wow, best swim I've ever had in a hotel pool...

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