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Restaurant Dare

Restaurant Dare


Our last post wasn't as revealing as some earlier ones. Here's another installment from our earlier trip to Vegas. Since I've already recounted the story of that trip, I'll relate another adventure that we unfortunately don't have any pictures of.

A couple of years ago we attended a summer wedding in San Diego. We stayed an extra night and went to the town of La Jolla for dinner. We stopped along the way and Kate had a cocktail, so by the time we got to the restaurant Kate was already getting loosened up. This was a bit of a high-end place with a nice ocean view, but I guess we didn't look the part enough as we were seated in a rather crappy table against the back wall.

Now I love looking at Kate, but we'll often sit next to each other when we eat out so I moved my chair around to sit next to her against the wall, looking out at the restaurant. We ordered a bottle of wine and Kate got a good way through the first glass and she was very 'relaxed' and a bit naughty. As we kissed rather deeply Kate rubbed my thigh and then my cock which took no time at all to jump to life. It was a warm summer evening and Kate had on a fairly short dress. I turned to her and whispered that I wanted her to go to the ladies room, remove her panties and return and that she was to pay special attention to how the breeze felt on her naked pussy as she walked across the room and to imagine that everyone knew she wasn't wearing any panties.

She returned to the table and we discussed the menu and what looked interesting. It wasn't long before I realized that Kate had hiked up her dress and was busily rubbing herself. The tablecloth hung down pretty far so I don't think anyone else got a direct shot of what she was up to, but the look on her face said it all. I don't know who might have caught on, but when the waiter showed up to take our order it was clear that he'd accurately assessed the situation. It took him a few moments to collect himself enough to ask us what we wanted. A few moments later Kate finished off with a very powerful orgasm. If anyone was watching there was no question what was going on... Kate's not much of a screamer, but even she had to hold it in.

The evening wasn't over and the thought of Kate sitting there without panties was almost all I could think of and what I really wanted to do was crawl under that table and eat her delicious pussy like there was no tomorrow. Not likely in the middle of a busy restaurant, but I did let my fingers do the walking and, oh my god she was wet. We finished dinner and walked down to the beach for a little making out. I loved standing there kissing Kate while I hiked the back of her dress up! The idea that anyone out for an evening stroll might have gotten a full-on shot of Kate's beautiful ass really got me going. Kate wanted to walk on the beach and I wasn't going to complain about moving to a more private location. We walked down the stairs to the cove and found a place which we hoped was secluded enough to keep us from getting arrested.

Kate's lips ensured that I was as hard as I could be. We were standing and up and wrapped one leg around me and guided my cock into her dripping pussy. I wasn't expecting this, but she wrapped her second leg around me. I wasn't sure how long I could last standing with Kate wrapped around me, but in that position... I was balls deep, god it felt great. Kate was sooooo wet and I was soooo horny it didn't take long for me to shoot my load deep inside Kate. With all the wine and sex I'm not sure how we even made it back to the car, let alone the hotel. Truly an evening to remember.

Hope you enjoyed the story and pictures. Keep the comments coming!

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