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My husband calls me his 'sexy witch' which is kind of naughty as I am into the natural world but mainly just an everyday housewife. Well, a housewife that likes some naughty fun. We have some pictures of me taken at various times and a story to share that was a first for me and a very memorable time.

This is a little adventure from our vacation last summer. My husband has four friends that he fishes and golfs with when we are in FL, and they have become special friends to me also. I would never act this way around any of our friends at home. Can't afford to because of jobs, status in community, etc. But, with these friends, I let myself go this one time!

I had gone fishing with all of them on their boat the day before. Two are divorced and the other two wives weren't interested. To make a long story short, as the only female on the boat, I ended up sunbathing nude and generally having a good time showing off for my hubby and his buddies - but that's another story.

The next day, the guys were all going golfing. I was to meet them at a bar about the time we thought their round would be over. I got there a little early and found one of his divorced buddies, Jim, already at the bar. He had to get some work done and had not gone golfing with them.

It was extremely dark and crowded so I just slipped up behind Jim and lightly blew in his ear. He quickly reached back and grabbed me around the waist, pulled me to him, and planted a big kiss on my lips. We both laughed and agreed I had better be careful whose ear I was blowing into.

Since there was not another empty bar stool, he just pulled me up on his lap and both of my legs were straddling his right leg. I was wearing my usual attire when in FL - a micro-mini skirt with no panties and tube top. My skirt was pulled all the way up, totally exposing my pussy. I was so glad I'd taken time to shave. Because of the way I was sitting on his leg, I couldn't pull my skirt down. I wasn't sure if the guys next to us were paying any attention so, I just decided not to worry about it and ordered a drink. It didn't take long for the two businessmen on my right to notice me. They were fairly discreet, but it was still obvious. I was enjoying the excitement of knowing that they were sneaking looks at my thighs and smoothly shaven pussy.

Finally, I told Jim that I needed to pull my skirt down a little. He reached down beneath my left cheek and thigh and held me up enough for me to be able to get my skirt down slightly. As we sat there, he began lightly caressing my inner thighs with his right hand. God, I was loving it, and couldn't believe how turned on I was getting. Jim started making me even hotter by telling me how much he had enjoyed looking at my nude body all day on the boat the day before. He told me how lucky my husband was to be able to fuck me, and that he was so glad that we were willing to let the guys at least enjoy looking at my beauty. As he was telling me all this, his fingers were lightly feeling the lips of my pussy. I was so wet that his middle finger easily parted my lips and found my clitoris. He was whispering in my ear, and my head was laid back on his shoulder. I told him I'd give him just five minutes to stop, though really I didn't want him to be feeling me up. By now, I was cumming so much that I didn't want him to stop. As I began squirming to the movements of his finger, he began penetrating my vagina, deeper and deeper.

Finally, I regained a little control and looked up to see both of the businessmen staring at my wet pussy and smiling. I didn't realize it, but two other guys were now standing behind them watching the show. I quickly looked around the bar but couldn't tell if anyone else knew what we were doing. I pulled Jim's finger out of me, gave him a quick kiss, and told him I thought I had better go to the restroom. I smiled at my admirers, and as I slid off Jim's leg my skirt went clear up to my waist. My pussy was now touching the businessman's pant leg. I think he was still a little shocked, but finally said, "God, I love your pussy, lady." I was too hot to be embarrassed. I just said thank you, and turned so that they could also see my ass as I reached down to grab my purse. As I went by them, I pulled my skirt down and walked to the restroom.

When I returned, I fortunately had regained my composure. My husband and all of his other buddies had arrived and were talking with Jim at the bar. Jim and I acted as though nothing had happened between us, as I began making over my husband. I was flattered when two or three times during the evening, Jim made a point of smiling at me and smelling his finger when I looked at him.

We all took a table to the side and near the back. None of the other wives ever showed up that night, so several times during the evening, I ended up on my hubby's lap with my skirt up again exposing all of me. My hubby is proud of my body and gets turned on when I expose my body, but I'm not sure what he thought the first time I put his hand on my pussy in front of his buddies. He quickly got the idea that I was turned on and wanted to stay that way. When his buddies realized what we doing, they were very encouraging, especially Jim. They also begged me to pull down my tube top, which I did a couple of times. One of the guys said he would pay for all our drinks and our meals, if I pulled my tube top down and pulled my skirt up over my hips for four songs. It was getting late, but the place was still fairly crowded. My hubby and his four buddies were all sitting around me, so I figured that not many other people would see what was going on. I was still turned on and had enough beers in me that I really wanted to do it. When the next song started, I surprised them and just pulled my tube top clear off and handed it to Jim. Then I pulled up my skirt up around my waist. By the third song, not many people outside of our group had noticed, so I took my skirt off and gave it to one of the other guys to hold. That left me only in my high heels and jewelry (the outfit my hubby likes best). I climbed on my hubby's lap and spread my legs as he fingered my lips and rubbed my clit. He knew how hot I was and asked me if I wanted to sit on the guy's laps.

Woooow, what a turn on! I couldn't wait. I rubbed my ass around on each guy's lap as they fondled my tits and fingered my pussy. Jim was quick to get back into my vagina. When I ended up on my husband's lap, he finger fucked me to a fantastic climax while his friends enjoyed the view.

As I was getting ready to put my clothes on, I noticed three of the businessmen who had watched me earlier at the bar. They were now watching me from the next table. I bent down and told my hubby to watch this. I dropped my skirt and tube top on his lap and walked over to the businessmen. I sat down on one of the guy's laps and asked, "Do you guys want a turn," as I placed his hand on my pussy. I let each of them have a little pleasure fondling my body. God, it was wonderfully exciting. Finally, I returned to our table. By then, several people knew that there was a nude lady in the bar and were coming back to our table to see me. It was time to leave. I got dressed and our whole group left.

My hubby and I went back to the condo and had wild, wild SEX!!!!!!!! What a wonderful time. I was wet the whole evening. And it's neat how my hubby and his buddies always seem to enjoy having me around. I can't wait till we join them again on our next trip to FL.
That was a one and only time for me and it is something we bring up in bed a lot. If you liked it please send us feedback.

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