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Flashing in the Park

Flashing in the Park Dare


My boyfriend (S) and I both fantasize about all kinds of exhibitionist scenarios - From being caught masturbating to wearing extremely revealing clothing in public. It's a huge turn on for me to think about someone noticing my lingerie under my clothes, for example the top of my stockings or part of my garter belt. I wear lingerie often, and always bend over a little further or cross my legs in a way that reveals more... The thought of someone seeing and being turned on is really hot to both me and S. Because this is such a big turn on, we wanted to try something a little less subtle.

A few weeks ago we went for a walk in a State Park and S took a few quick pictures of me flashing. This was my first time doing something so deliberate and obvious so I was a little shy... We both really enjoyed it and are thinking of other exposing/revealing dares to try. I would love to tease a delivery man by answering the door in a soaking wet white shirt without a bra - it would be such a turn on to make him want me and see his cock get hard under his pants. I've also thought about wearing my butt plug and nipple clamps all day under my clothes.. I would be incredibly wet the entire day, hoping others would notice how hard my nipples were or the end of my plug through my skirt. I haven't worked up the courage to do these yet, but took some pictures as practice ;)

I would love to hear other people's thoughts on this... Especially if you have any ideas or suggestions for making some of those fantasies into reality!!

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