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See Thru Shirt



So last Friday night started off right when Chris came to pick me up and I let him in on my little secret, my shirt was somewhat see-through. But only if I was in the right light. He asked me to take my bra off but I told him maybe later... We went to a comedy show and afterwards I went to the restroom. When I returned Chris got a pleasant surprise when he realized I didn't have a bra on anymore. I don't think anyone else noticed because the comedy club has dim lighting. We walked out and I stopped under a light because my feet were killing me. Chris started to take pictures of me and noticed that you could kinda see my nipples under the light. I told him to use his flash. It was an incredible discovery. You could see the shape of my boobs perfectly including my nipples. So when we started walking again I stopped under the next streetlight to snap some more shots. Chris then had the great idea of asking someone to take a picture of both of us. When we saw the reaction on his face, the Photo Surprise Dare was born. It was a rush to know that this stranger was seeing my boobs right there on the street all while we were having a conversation with him. Next we decided to start getting others that we passed on the sidewalk to take photos of us. The second guy we asked took one photo, stopped and stared at it, then said that it was the "Perfect Shot", no need for another and handed us the camera back. Truthfully, I don't think he realized that we knew my tits were exposed which explains why he was in a hurry to leave. So here are the pictures from that night. We had so much fun, others should try it as well . Hopefully this will become a new favorite Dare here on TODP.

So here's your challenge, if you choose to accept it. Send us your Photo Surprise shots.

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