Wife Tastes Her Own Juices

Hot D

Wife Tastes Her Own Juices



My hot wife D and I have had a very satisfying sex life which recently took a little twist. We were having sex and I was on the bottom and D was riding me. she was on her hands and moving up and down, her head was hanging down as though she was watching what she was doing.

I was playing with her tits and realized I could move them up and reach her mouth since her head was already arched downwards. Her eyes were closed, so I gently move up one tit and the nipple is right at her lips. I move it a little more and slightly touch her lips. She then opened her eyes, so I pretended I was just playing and they were accidently hitting her lips.

She seemed to move her head down a bit and I saw her tongue touch her nipple but she didn't realize that I could see this happen. I then had the idea to start rubbing her clit and getting my fingers very wet, then rub my fingers on her nipples and push them up to her mouth.

To my surprise she sticked her tongue out and licked the nipple, then says "more", so I do it again, get them all wet, and she licks her nipple AND my finger, wow!

Well she then sits up straight and starts rubbing her clit, she is totally shaved so there is wetness all over, she puts two fingers in next to my dick and takes her finger and pushes her tit to her mouth and starts licking her nipple but then I can see she is also licking her fingers and then sucks on them. HOT!

Then she went back and forth, right to her mouth and moving faster back and forth on my dick and brought us both to a great orgasm with her specifically intense. She revealed to me after that she was masturbating alone once, and just tasted herself, liked it, got her fingers very wet and licked her juices as she rubbed herself and came. Anyone else's wife enjoy this? We'd love to know.

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