Girlfriend in a Frisky Mood

J & S

Girlfriend in a Frisky Mood

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First off I'd like to start by saying I am a long time viewer of the site, however I've never sent in a dare..... Until now. I'll introduce myself as "J" and my lovely girl as "S".

"S" went out the other night for a few drinks, looking stunning as she always does, and me being the good man I am had offered to come pick her up seeings as how I'm not the drinking type so much anymore. Needless to say she was turned on and feeling naughty...We got to discussing the site and how much it turns me on to think about other men/women seeing her beautiful naked body and pleasuring themselves to her. We looked at the sit and some dares for awhile and agreed upon sending some pics in.

We were sitting in the car in our driveway when she unzipped her jacket and pulled her bit perfect tits out and told me to start snapping pictures. Keep in mind we have an amazing sex life! So I started snapping some pics and then she rips down my pants and starts sucking me off right there! Then the most daring thing I've ever seen her do, she got out of the car with her breasts still out and bent over whilst pulling her pants down in the driveway! I couldn't help but to jump out of the car and slide my cock inside.... We went at it for a good few hours before going inside to finish off and I think a good 12 or 15 cars drove by and seen her bent over with her perfect big tits bouncing back and forth from me penetrating her dripping wet pussy.

These pics, I'm hoping will get posted on this site and she has already reminded me of how much it turns me on to know that you fine people out there are staring at my beautiful girl, in the nude.

P.S. Feel free to email us and comment / trade pics we would love to hear from you!

** Webmaster, You are one amazing person and I truly thank you for providing a place on the internet where women can increase their self confidence and men like me can show off their beautiful wives / girlfirend's as well as an amazing website coming from both of us we wish you nothing but the best :) Please post our story and pics as I can't wait to see what comes of this and hope to hear feedback.**

From Webmaster - It's my pleasure!

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